Thursday, July 8, 2010

Marchman Act Blog - Day in the Life: July 08, 2010: North Salt Lake attorney D. Michael Nielsen caught in drug bust

SALT LAKE CITY — July 08, 2010

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He knows how undercover drug operations work because he's prosecuted people who have been caught in them. But now the North Salt Lake city attorney is on the other side of a case.
Police conduct undercover drug operations in the area of Pioneer Park in downtown Salt Lake City several times a month. They say they had no idea during a recent sting that they had arrested a city attorney.
"If these allegations are true, then I am very disappointed," said North Salt Lake City Manager Barry Edwards. "Disappointed for him and his family, and hope he can get his arms around this issue."
Colleagues of D. Michael Nielsen said they didn't have a clue he had been arrested and booked into jail until contacted by KSL. In fact, Edwards thought it was a joke until he was shown Nielsen's mug shot.
"My reaction was shock, because I had no idea whatsoever that Mr. Nielsen had any of these types of issues at all," Edwards said.
On the night of June 27, Salt Lake City narcotics officers were conducting a sting near Pioneer Park. They nabbed 18 people who were allegedly trying to sell or buy drugs from undercover officers. One of them was Nielsen, who police say tried to buy cocaine.

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