Sunday, July 4, 2010

Marchman Act Blog: Miami drug dealer gets five life prison terms

A Miami drug dealer whose band of thugs tortured, shot and torched a rival in July 2005 must serve five consecutive life terms in prison, a judge ruled Friday.

Travis Stubbs, 31, was convicted in March of the murder of Jesus Discua, 26, whose charred, bullet-ridden body was found inside a red Audi abandoned in Little Haiti.

``It's an appropriate sentence for such egregious crimes,'' prosecutor Gail Levine said on Friday.

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Stubbs is also facing charges after state agents say he tried to arrange a hit on prosecutors Levine and Breezye Telfair, just before trial.

Circuit Judge Dava Tunis handed down the sentence on Friday. She earlier handed down multiple life sentences to co-defendant Michael Paul, 32, who was convicted alongside Stubbs.

Two co-defendants in the Discua murder case pleaded guilty earlier, and testified against Paul and Stubbs during trial. A third defendant died during the trial of natural causes

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