Thursday, July 8, 2010

Marchman Act Blog - Oddity of the Day: Woman Arrested For DUI Due To Vanilla Extract

  • Germantown woman charged with DUI after running her car on curb
  • Officers say she had vanilla extract bottle which contained 35% alcohol
  • Moss reportedly slumped over the wheel, unable to stand on her own

(Arlington, TN 7/8/2010) 48-year-old Kelly Moss appears has a $4,000 bond for after being arrested on a DUI charge. Sam Palmer saw it happen.

"It was jumped up over the curb. She had driven it up on the curb. In fact I went to see if she had hit the telephone pole. She hadn't hit that, but she had both wheels on the curb," says Palmer.

Police say Moss had a strong odor of vanilla on her breath and was unsteady on her feet.

They found a nearly empty bottle of vanilla extract and a partially empty bottle of diet coke in her car as well as a receipt for two 8oz. bottle of extract.

The vanilla extract is 35% alcohol.

Moss was arrested. Sam Palmer doesn't know her, but as a recovering alcoholic, he knows abusers find ways to get their drug. "Mouthwash, Geritol, Robitussin," says Palmer. As a drug addiction counselor, Dr. Carolyn Bryant has seen it too. "Instead of the drug that may be their drug of choice, that may be they have been arrested for or got in trouble about, they take something that will give them that same effect," says Bryant. She counsels women to admit their problem and seek help. "I hope she gets in a treatment program or a 12 step program," says Palmer. "She could have hit a telephone pole, could have wiped somebody else out." This was Kelly Moss' third DUI arrest. No one answered the door at her Germantown home when we stopped by. She will be back in court August 19th.

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