Friday, July 16, 2010

Marchman Act Blog: Tech and Drugs and Rock and Roll

Websites are marketing music that developers claim can produce a drug-like high, Psychology Today reported July 14.
The so-called iDozer (or i-doser) tunes are based on the 19th-century discovery of "binaural beats" -- paired tones played at different frequency that have long been used to research hearing and sleep and treat anxiety. Some claim that the sounds also can increase dopamine and beta-endorphins, like drugs.
"With all the truly dangerous drugs out there accessible by your kids, I'd place Idozer on the low priority list for now," writers blogger Ron S. Doyle. "But if you happen to notice that your teenager has stopped listening to Tokyo Hotel or Timbaland and started listening to mind-numbing pink noise, perhaps it's time for a mature dialogue about the source of their motivations."

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