Sunday, August 15, 2010

Marchman Act Blog: Milestone Achievement: NSU Faculty Members Produce Medical Book

On July 23, a wine-and-cheese book-signing reception was held at the NSU Faculty Club to commemorate the publication of Health Matters: The Human Side of Medicine, which marks the first time in NSU College of Osteopathic Medicine history that a medical book was completely edited and authored by a cadre of its own faculty members.

The project was initiated in Nov. 2009 when Cognella Academic Publishing approached Marti Echols, Ph.D., assistant professor of internal medicine and assistant dean of medical education, and Pablo Calzada, D.O., M.P.H., the college’s former assistant dean of clinical operations and graduate education, about its interest in having a book written regarding the humanistic side of medicine. After conferring with various college administrators and faculty members, a conceptual idea was submitted to the publishing company, which loved the proposal. Echols and Calzada, who served as the book’s co-editors and crafted its title, then approached faculty members that shared a common interest in the topic and invited them to participate in the book’s writing. “We felt this was a wonderful opportunity for various faculty members to pen individual book chapters as well as strengthen faculty collegiality around a common focus,” Echols explained. “This truly was a group endeavor made possible by the college’s faculty. It would not have been possible without everyone’s effort and the love and support of family and friends.”

In addition to Echols and Calzada, the following faculty members served as contributing authors: Paula Anderson-Worts, D.O., M.P.H.; Ronald Bekic, D.O.; David Boesler, D.O., M.S.; Natasha Bray, D.O.; Rebecca Cherner, D.O.; Stanley Cohen, Ed.D.; Raymond Ferrero III, J.D.; James Howell, M.D., M.P.H.; Heidi Lane, Ed.D.; Leonard Levy, D.P.M., M.P.H.; Krishnamurti Munoz, D.O.; Robert Oller, D.O.; Edward Packer, D.O.; Naushira Pandya, M.D., CMD; Dennis Penzell, D.O.; Cecelia Rokusek; Ed.D., Ariel Schumer, D.P.T.; Eric Shamus, Ph.D.; Daniel Shaw, Ph.D.; Mark Stillman, Ph.D.; Amber Stirlen, Psy.D.; and David Thomas, M.D., J.D.

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