Thursday, September 9, 2010

Marchman Act Blog: Holiday DUI child neglect:

Three parents charged with DUI while driving with children in car. Three people were arrested over the Labor Day weekend in separate incidents after they allegedly drove drunk with their children in their cars, according to law enforcement affidavits.

Eric Alexander Kelly, 29, of Palm Springs, was booked on Saturday. Akram Musa, 43, of Deerfield Beach, was booked on Sunday night. Both were charged with DUI and child neglect without great harm. And Jennifer Lee Dunn, 30, of Royal Palm Beach, was booked just after midnight Monday and is charged with DUI with property damage and child neglect without great harm.

Records show all three left jail: Kelly after posting $1,000 bond, Musa after posting $4,500 bond and Dunn on supervised release. According to affidavits:  Read Full Story...

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