Thursday, September 16, 2010

Marchman Act Blog Local News: Alcohol, Video Games Blamed in Deadly Shooting

Ft. Lauderdale Police are on the lookout for the shooter who opened fire on a man over a dispute involving video games and alcohol.
It happened just after midnight Thursday on 7th St. and Northwest 13th Terrace. Witnesses say a group of people were hanging out when 29-year-old Ellison Austin approached a woman for money over video games he gave her.
When she didn’t pay up, witnesses say he grabbed a bottle of alcohol from her. That’s when the woman allegedly called over a group of friends, resulting in punches, followed by a gunshot. Austin’s mother says he died at Broward General Hospital.
“Next thing I know, I heard a gunshot and he said he was hit. I went in the house and got a towel for him and came out and called 911 out for him. They came and they took him away on the stretcher,” said witness Dexter Williams.
“I wish whoever did it come forward and take responsibility for what he did because he’s going to be caught,” said the victim’s mother, Diane Griffin.
Thursday morning, witnesses saw police taking people into custody for questioning.

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