Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Marchman Act Blog: Police bust meth lab in Eustis

Police have arrested eight people in connection with a methamphetamine lab discovered in a Eustis apartment complex Wednesday morning.

Sgt. Harold Hughes of the Eustis Police Department said the suspects are being questioned at police headquarters as narcotics detectives dismantle the meth lab at the Tanglewood apartments in the 2800 block of Ruleme Street.

The eight are facing a myriad of charges and are cooperating with police, Hughes said. Five of the detained lived in the apartment where the lab was discovered.

Officers evacuated two nearby units because of the meth lab's hazardous conditions. Chemicals used in the manufacture of methamphetamine are high corrosive and combustible.
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The discovery of the meth lab started with a 12:38 a.m. traffic stop near State Road 19 and County Road 452, records show.

A Eustis police dog detected chemicals used to manufacture methamphetamine in the vehicle stopped by officers, leading police to the Ruleme Street apartment.

The driver of the vehicle Joey Brent Sands, 26, of Oxford was arrested along with two passengers, 24-year-old Justin Christopher Elosage and 35-year-old Heather Lewis Herman.

Police also arrested:

Robert Joseph Benoit, 48, of Tavares.

Shelley Lee Ashton, 18, of DeLand

Melissa Noel Adler, 22, of Eustis

Michael Allen Widle, 43, of Eustis

Lacey Cecilia Samuels, 19, of Eustis

Charges are pending. Check back for updates.

Reporter Walter Pacheco contributed to this report. Reporter Arelis Hernandez can be reached at or 352-742-5934.

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