Thursday, September 9, 2010

Marchman Act Blog: A Parkland family rides the tumult of their son's oxycodone addiction, steers him toward rehabilitation


When his son's friends hanged themselves in a park by his house, Frank Lindine hoped the shocking double suicide would spur the 21-year-old to kick his oxycodone habit.

Instead, he relapsed.  His parents have taken away his car, forced him to take drug tests and barred his bad-influence friends from their home. Still he has failed repeated attempts at out-patient detox and has broken promises to commit to rehab.  For half a year now, this has been the cycle of life in the Lindine home as their only child tries to end his dependence on the highly addictive, narcotic pain relievers he copped at so-called pill mills, Lindine said.

"It's an epidemic. I'm living it," said Lindine, 54, an account executive for a computer company. "It's just ruining thousands of families and young kids today."  Read Full Story...

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