Sunday, October 3, 2010

Marchman Act Blog: Pill mill law: Some pain clinics close, scramble to survive new law

Some of Florida's pain clinics have closed this week because of a tough new state law that took effect Friday, and others were scrambling for ways to stay open legally, industry officials said.

"A lot of people were panicking. I was getting a lot of calls from people trying to figure out how to stay alive," said Bernard Cassidy, a Fort Lauderdale attorney who represents pain clinics.

At the same time, many clinic owners had found ways to get around the new restrictions, such as opening pharmacies and selling their clinics to doctors to become legal, the officials said.

The law itself is under fire from four pain physicians in Boca Raton and Central Florida who filed a federal suit last week calling the law unconstitutional and asking for an injunction to stop it. A hearing is expected but not for several weeks.
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