Thursday, October 7, 2010

Marchman Act Blog: Two moms charged with allowing young daughters to host booze parties

BONITA SPRINGS — Two mothers were arrested during the weekend at separate Bonita Springs’ residences after their teen daughters had parties where alcohol was served. Both mothers said they could not control their daughters.

Stacy Leann Desalvo, 47, of the 10000 block of Ankeny Lane (RIGHT), and Lisa Marie Jandura (LEFT), 46, of the 3700 block of Quails Walk, were each charged with allowing minors to have alcohol at an open house party. Jandura was also charged with resisting a law enforcement officer without violence.
Jandura posted $1,500 total bond while Desalvo remained in jail pending posting of $500 bond.

According to Lee County Sheriff’s Office reports: Just after midnight Sunday deputies went to Jandura’s house about a loud party. They saw about 15 minors in the yard drinking beer. One of the minors went and got her mother, Jandura, who the deputy said was intoxicated. She told deputies she could not get the minors to stop and told them to go home. Several empty beer cans were found in the back yard and in a trash can.
“I am not dealing with this (expletive),” she said as she began walking back toward her house. As deputies tried to arrest her, she struggled. On the way to jail, she “continuously stated that it was a stupid house party and that the deputies were stupid for arresting her.”

Just before 3 a.m. Sunday, deputies were called to Desalvo’s house about a loud party. They found approximately six minors in the driveway and about 16 additional minors between 15 and 20 years old inside. Several empty liquor bottles were on the kitchen counter and about 30 empty beer cans were found in the kitchen and another room. Deputies found Desalvo sitting at the kitchen table drinking a Bud Light beer.
When asked why she had so many underage people in the house who were drinking, she said: “That it wasn’t her idea and that it was her (daughter’s) idea.” But when queried why she didn’t call law enforcement if she did not want the youngsters in the house, she responded: “Because it’s homecoming and that’s what you do.”
After a deputy explained to the mother it was her responsibility to make sure her daughter didn’t have underage parties, she responded: “I cannot control her. Can you control your kids?”

The minors at the parties were released to parents or other adults and her daughter was released to a family friend.

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