Friday, February 26, 2010

ARLS Oddity of the day: Boozy ape sent to rehab

Ai Ai, a 26-year-old chimpanzee, enjoys a cigarette after a meal in her glass enclosure at the zoo in Xian, in central China's Shaanxi province, in this August 2005 file photo. A Russian chimpanzee has been sent to rehab by zookeepers to cure the smoking and beer-drinking habits he has picked up, a popular daily reported on Friday.
Photograph by: File, Reuters

MOSCOW - A Russian chimpanzee has been sent to rehab by zookeepers to cure the smoking and beer-drinking habits he has picked up, a popular daily reported on Friday. An ex-performer, Zhora became aggressive at his circus and was transferred to a zoo in the southern Russian city of Rostov, where he fathered several baby chimps, learned to draw with markers and picked up his two vices.

ARLS Day in the Life: February 26, 2010

ST. BERNARD, La. -- Terius Gray, the New Orleans-born rapper known as Juvenile, was arrested by St. Bernard Parish deputies Thursday on marijuana possession charges.

ARLS Day in the Life: February 26, 2010

LAWRENCE — A man arrested on cocaine trafficking charges was found to have three handguns, a large quantity of ammunition and a bulletproof vest at his Marble Avenue home, police said.

ARLS Day in the Life: February 26, 2010

Santo Domingo.- Antinarcotics (DNCD) agents yesterday arrested a drug trafficking fugitive from State of New York in the entity’s own offices in San Francisco (northwest)

ARLS Day in the Life: February 26, 2010

HOLYOKE – Police raided a Clemente Street apartment early Thursday afternoon and arrested two men on heroin charges.

ARLS Day in the Life: February 26, 2010

NEWARK -- Police said they arrested three men Thursday on illegal drug distribution and other charges.

Friends and Relatives Provide Nearly All Oxycontin to Abusers

A startling 97 percent of individuals who misused OxyContin said that they got the drug from a friend or relative with a prescription for the opiate painkiller, HealthDay News reported Feb. 18.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

ARLS - Great Legal Question of the Day!

Anonymous said...

"What if a person is in jail right now? Can you still file the Marchman Act, or, do you ask for court ordered rehab since he is already in the system?"

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Addiction Recovery Legal Services LLC said...

ARLS - Please call the office at 1-877-35-ABUSE for further free legal consultation.

"Many factors come into play re: the filing of a Marchman Act, while someone is in custody. First, how long is the person going to be incarcerated? If the individual is going to be locked up for an extended period of time, it will be impossible for them to enter into a treatment other than what is offered in the jail/prison. If the person will be bailed out and the case resolved at a later date, it is my opinion that the Marchman Act (MMA) can run concurrent to the criminal case; and, can often prove favorable to the judge presiding over the criminal case should the respondent be willing stipulate to the MMA order itself (it proves the person is serious about court-monitored recovery).

However, some judges will not allow a MMA to run concurrent with a criminal matter, believing the criminal court is better suited to handle treatment - this depends on the location and specific judge involved in the MMA hearing.

So, to answer your question: I cannot answer your question without more information. ARLS will be more than willing to speak to you privately and at no cost.

Good luck - Raymond G. Ferrero III, Esq.

PLoS Journal to Reject Research Funded by Tobacco Industry

Researchers who accept money from the tobacco industry will no longer be able to get their work published in PLoS Medicine, a journal produced by the Public Library of Science (PLoS).

I'm in the Money: Drug Money Seized - $207 Million in cash!

The money found hidden inside walls, suitcases and closets in one of Mexico City’s wealthiest neighborhoods came from the profits of methamphetamines sold in the United States, [DEA chief Karen Tandy] said.

Mexican law enforcement and the DEA worked for a year on the operation, she said.

For Physcians: Screening and Brief Interventions (SBI)

Screening and brief intervention (SBI) for risky alcohol and drug use is moving from research into the mainstream of preventive medicine and public health.

The primary goal of screening and brief intervention efforts is not to identify alcohol- or drug-dependent individuals for referral to treatment. Rather, these approaches are intended to meet the public health goal of reducing the harms and societal costs associated with risky drinking and drug taking.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Binge Drinking Confounds Any Health Benefits of Drinking, Study Says

Alcohol consumption may improve coronary health, some studies say, but new research suggests that even the occasional binge-drinking episode can foil any such health benefits, Reuters reported Feb. 18.

South Florida pill mills targeted at drug abuse summit - South Florida

After listening to legislators, lawmen and physicians talk Monday about the difficulties of policing "pill mills," a mother shared the horror of burying her son after an overdose.

Richard Perry Jr. died at age 21 after struggling with an addiction to prescription drugs.

"The tears just flowed covering it," Karen Perry said about hugging her son's casket seven years ago. "I wanted so desperately to see and touch my son one more time. … There's nothing that we would not have done to save our son."

Obama seeks 300 Billion from Big Tobacco - U.S. Supreme Court

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Obama administration asked the Supreme Court Friday to allow the government to seek nearly $300 billion from the tobacco industry for a half-century of deception that "has cost the lives and damaged the health of untold millions of Americans."

Marijuana School Attracts Thousands of Students

California-based Oaksterdam University's classes on growing and marketing marijuana have attracted nearly 7,000 students and have a waiting list with hundreds of more potential enrollees, USA Today reported Feb. 9. OAKLAND (AP) — You know you're in a different kind of college when a teaching assistant sets five marijuana plants down in the middle of a lab and no one blinks a bloodshot eye. Welcome to Oaksterdam University, a new trade school where higher education takes on a whole new meaning.

Visit Oaksterdam University's Website

Monday, February 22, 2010

DUI Arrest: Labarga, daughter of Florida Supreme Court Justice

WEST PALM BEACH — The daughter of Florida Supreme Court Justice, and former Palm Beach County Circuit Judge, Jorge Labarga, was arrested on a drunk driving charge this morning, records show.

Marijuana use by seniors goes up as boomers age

MIAMI (AP) - In her 88 years, Florence Siegel has learned how to relax: A glass of red wine. A crisp copy of The New York Times, if she can wrest it from her husband. Some classical music, preferably Bach. And every night like clockwork, she lifts a pipe to her lips and smokes marijuana.

Another Celebity Victim of Substance Abuse: Brian Bonsall

BOULDER, Colo., Feb. 21 (UPI) -- Former child TV actor Brian Bonsall, who appeared on "Family Ties," was arrested in Boulder, Colo., after allegedly testing positive for drugs, authorities say.

The Faces of Meth - Before & After

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Olympics Puts Spotlight on Vancouver's Liberal Drug Policies

The Olympic host city of Vancouver has adopted a series of liberal drug policies that are on full display to any visitors who venture into the Downtown Eastside neighborhood, less than a mile from the waterfront epicenter of the 2010 Winter Olympics.

The Effect of Celebrity Stories on Drug Addiction Treatment

It should come as no surprise that celebrity addiction is prime fodder for the news media who gobble up sensational stories to hype to an eager audience – us. When a famous actor stumbles and falls down in public, ranting and raving, or gets arrested after an airport luggage search reveals drugs, we watch in semi-detached curiosity to find out all the details. Why this fascination with addiction by the rich and famous?

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Average beer consumption per person by country.

Link here to displays the relative beer consumption per person for each specified country. As you can see, there are huge variations in consumption by country. Chart - Source: Kirin Holdings Company, 2009.

Sweet-Loving Kids More Likely to Have Family History of Alcoholism

Children who have an extreme sweet tooth also may be at elevated risk of becoming alcoholics, according to researchers at the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia.

Cigars, Pipes Damage Lungs Like Cigarettes

Smoking a pipe or cigar can damage your lungs even if you don't inhale, according to researchers who said that smokers are mistaken to believe that substituting one kind of tobacco use for another will protect their health.

WebMD reported Feb. 16 that researchers found that individuals who smoked cigars or pipes but not cigarettes were twice as likely as non-smokers to have decreased lung function, and were at higher risk of airflow obstruction. Pipe and cigar smokers also had increased levels of cotinine, a marker for nicotine exposure, in their blood.

Friday, February 19, 2010

ARLS: The Face of Substance Abuse

Booked on Friday, February 19th, 2010
with charge(s):Cocaine-possess-possess Cocaine
DOB: 1982-01-17

ARLS: The Face of Substance Abuse

Booked on Wednesday, February 17th, 2010
with charge(s):Drugs-possess-cntrl Sub Wo Prescription
DOB: 1963-01-06

ARLS: The Face of Substance Abuse

Booked on Thursday, February 18th, 2010
with charge(s):Drugs-possess-cntrl Sub Wo Prescription
DOB: 1989-03-01

ARLS: The Face of Substance Abuse

Booked on Thursday, February 18th, 2010
with charge(s): Marijuana-possess-with Intent To Sell Mfg Or Deliver Schedule I
DOB: 1988-01-15

Study Casts Doubt on Using Marijuana to Treat Alzheimer's

A new animal study suggests that marijuana may not be useful in improving memory among individuals with Alzheimer's disease or affecting progression of the disease, the Vancouver Sun reported Feb. 9.

Miss. Now Requires Prescription for Drugs Containing Pseudoephedrine

ABOVE PHOTO: Ephedrine and pseudoephedrine smurfing is a method used by some methamphetamine traffickers to acquire large quantities of precursor chemicals. Methamphetamine producers purchase the chemicals in quantities at or below legal thresholds from multiple retail locations. Methamphetamine producers often enlist the assistance of several friends or associates in smurfing operations to increase the speed of the operation and the quantity of chemicals acquired. For instance, an October 2007 investigation in Fresno County revealed that a couple conducted daily precursor chemical smurfing operations, soliciting homeless individuals to get into their car and ride from store to store to purchase pseudoephedrine. In exchange, the couple paid each person approximately $30 and sometimes gave the individuals alcohol. Evidence seized from the couple's vehicle included packages of pseudoephedrine, pharmacy listings torn from an area telephone directory, and several cellular telephones. Furthermore, a smurfing operation infiltrated in Fresno in April 2008 yielded evidence including a handwritten price list, store receipts, pseudoephedrine packaging, paper shredders and blister packs that had been removed from their paper packaging and placed into plastic shopping bags in 24-gram increments for sale to brokers. The price list indicated that each 3.6-gram box of pseudoephedrine-type product was to be sold for no less than $32. According to FMTF reporting, much of the pseudoephedrine evidence discovered at superlabs and dumpsites in their jurisdiction can be directly traced to smurfing operations, and of those, most are traceable back to smurfing operations based in southern California, particularly San Diego County.

In a move intended to hamper production of illicit methamphetamine, the governor of Mississippi has approved a law requiring a doctor's prescription to buy any drug containing pseudoephedrine, the Associated Press reported Feb. 11.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

ARLS - Another Celebrity Victim of Substance Abuse: Alexa Ray Joel, daughter of Billy Joel, Christie Brinkley, out of hospital after suicide attempt

ABOVE PHOTO: Alexa Ray Joel, with parents Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley. Alexa was rushed to the hospital after a suspected pill overdose and suicide attempt.

The daughter of Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley downed a handful of sleeping pills in an apparent suicide bid Saturday and was rushed to a Manhattan hospital, police sources said.

Alexa Ray Joel, 23, was taken to St. Vincent's Medical Center after paramedics responded about 12:30 p.m. to a 911 call from her West Village apartment, a police source said.

Bragging Rights: Owner who bragged of large medical-pot operation jailed in DEA raid

A day after a Colorado resident appeared on local TV to talk about his medical-marijuana operation, his home was raided by federal Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agents, the Denver Post reported Feb. 13.

The raid came despite a recent directive from the Obama administration to federal agents not to interfere with individuals who are in "clear and unambiguous compliance with existing state laws providing for the medical use of marijuana."

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Clash of Ancient Religion and Modern Abuse: Popularity of a Hallucinogen May Thwart Its Medical Uses -

DALLAS — With a friend videotaping, 27-year-old Christopher Lenzini of Dallas took a hit of Salvia divinorum, regarded as the world’s most potent hallucinogenic herb, and soon began to imagine, he said, that he was in a boat with little green men. Mr. Lenzini quickly collapsed to the floor and dissolved into convulsive laughter.

Inmate: Sex, drugs anything goes in Palm prisons

ABOVE PHOTO: David Jermaine Stewart , Natasha Lacola Beckles, Marlon Anthony Ellison, Alanda Ray Shaw, Osmond W. Williams and Sheroen Lenard Dukes were arrested on state charges of bribery, introduction of contraband into a state correctional institution or conspiracy.

STORY: Hidden from the outside world, an illicit marketplace is thriving behind the walls and razor wire of Palm Beach County prisons, an inmate told state and federal authorities.

Favors from corrections officers are bought and sold, prisoners barter for heroin and cocaine but also for high-end sneakers, electronics, cigars and tattoo ink, and women working for state contractors trade sex for money, the inmate said in documents made public Friday.

ARLS Global Snapshot: Guns and poppies: Afghan drug trade fuels insurgency

ABOVE PHOTO: Afghan farmers work on a poppy field in the Grishk district of Helmand province in this April 18, 2009 file photo. — Reuters MIRWAIS BASE, Afghanistan: From the watchtower at an Afghan outpost, the Dutch soldiers can follow the growth of the pretty poppies that may one day pay for the weapons that kill them or their comrades.

Taliban insurgents waging an increasingly deadly campaign against foreign troops make at least 100 million dollars a year from taxing Afghanistan's opium trade — the world's biggest, US and Afghan officials say.

ARLS Global Snapshot: Poverty muddies response to W. African drug trade

ABOVE PHOTO: A Kenyan detective checks a packet of cocaine on display as an exhibit before a court session in Kenya's capital Nairobi October 13, 2005. DAKAR (Reuters) - West African drug trafficking is having a "very significant" impact on the region's economies but local responses have been contradictory as the flow of money is seen as "better than nothing" by some, the United Nations said.

The world body estimates that $1 billion worth of cocaine, destined to Europe from Latin America, passed through West Africa in 2008. The figure is higher than or comparable to the gross domestic product of a handful of nations in the region.