Monday, February 28, 2011

Upon publication in the Federal Register tomorrow, products with brand names like “Mr. Nice Guy,” “Spice,” “Black Mamba” and “K2,” often sold by the gram, will be classified as illegal substances by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration.

“It will be a Schedule I harmful substance with no medical usage,” DEA spokeswoman Barbara Carreno said. “Schedule I substances include marijuana, heroin, cocaine, PCP and methamphetamine.” Read Full Story...

Marchman Act Blog: Charlie Sheen Rant

Marchman Act Blog: Orlando doctor had drug, sex parties

By day, Mladen Antolic was treating patients at his sizable medical practice just outside downtown Orlando.

By night, authorities say, Antolic was hosting wild drug and sex parties at his 4,700-square-foot Hunter's Creek home.

The 55-year-old doctor is accused of enticing women — some of whom he treated at his practice — to attend nightly bashes where he showered them with prescription drugs, cocaine and money.Read Full Story...

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Marchman Act Blog: Celebrity Addict 'Lindsay Lohan ' - Judge tells Lohan day of reckoning coming soon

LOS ANGELES (AP) - A judge on Wednesday gave Lindsay Lohan roughly two weeks to decide if she will fight or take a plea deal in a felony grand theft case, but either decision could send the troubled starlet back behind bars.
Superior Court Judge Keith Schwartz told Lohan he would sentence her to jail if she accepted a plea deal involving the theft of a $2,500 necklace from an upscale jewelry store.
"If you plead in front of me, if this case is resolved in front of me, you are going to jail," Schwartz said. "Period."
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Monday, February 21, 2011

Marchman Act Blog: Parents beg Gov. Scott to act on pill mills

Call them "oxy moms." They're like soccer moms, except their common interest is not their children's sports, it's their children's addiction to pain pills like oxycodone.

Monday morning, two dozen oxy moms and dads spent their federal holiday marching and carrying placards outside a Dania Beach pain clinic. Their main message: Gov. Rick Scott, please don't kill a planned statewide computer system to track pain pill abuse and pill mills.
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Marchman Act Blog: Fla. Gov. Slashes 'Pill Mill' Database

In a move that surprised officials in multiple states, Florida Governor Rick Scott proposed eliminating a long-awaited "pill mill" database designed to combat prescription drug abuse, The Orlando Sentinel reported Feb. 8.

A 2009 law passed by the Florida legislature required the creation of the database to reign in "rogue pain clinics," or "pill mills." Overdoses on illegal narcotic pills kill about seven people a day in Florida, and the pill mills are the primary source of the drugs.
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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Drug-laced cookies send students to hospital - Broward Breaking News -

Two students were hospitalized Friday and one has some tough questions to answer after drug contaminated sweets were shared at school.
Broward County Schools spokeswoman Marsy Smith said cookies laced with some sort of substance that may have been marijuana were brought to South Plantation High School Friday, and afterwards two of the students who ate them appeared to be under the influence of something.
The two students were taken to Plantation General Hospital, and are expected to be okay.
The student who brought the cookies also appeared to be under the influence, Smith said, and was found with marijuana.
That student was taken to the school administrative offices for questioning. They will be facing undisclosed penalties.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Marchman Act Blog: Possible Mexican Military Incursion On U.S. Soil

MISSION - CHANNEL 5 NEWS is exposing what appears to be a Mexican military incursion into the United States. It was all caught on camera. We froze surveillance video taken at the Anzalduas International Bridge.
What you see is the international boundary that separates the United States from Mexico and what authorities on this side of the border seem to think is a truck packed with armed men crossing into the United States. The video clearly shows a large military-transport vehicle drive north on the Anzalduas bridge over the international boundary.
We counted at least a dozen armed men in the back of the truck. The vehicle travels down the bridge toward the U.S. Customs checkpoint. Its driver makes a U-turn just before reaching the lines of cars there. It then starts back south toward Mexico. The men pull over and search a vehicle for a few minutes then resume their trek south. The presumed soldiers then cross back over the boundary toward Mexico.
They are in U.S. territory for about 10 minutes. We're taking a closer look at the vehicle they stopped on the bridge and what U.S. authorities have to say about this apparent incursion.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Marchman Act Blog Local News: Florida pill mills czar to discuss new offensive on pain clinics Wednesday at Nova Southeastern University

The state's special counsel on pill mills will discuss Florida's new offensive on the prescription drug sellers Wednesday at Nova Southeastern University.

Dave Aronberg, appointed by state Attorney General Pam Bondi to lead her office's efforts to combat pain clinics, will speak at noon at Nova's Health Professions Division's Melnick Auditorium.

The talk is free and open to the public.

The Attorney General's Office said it will likely push for laws that will strengthen state rules regulating pain clinics.

Pill mills are doctor's offices, clinics and pharmacies that frequently operate without insurance and on a cash-only basis. Their "doctor shopping" patients travel to Florida from states as far as Tennessee, Kentucky and Maine, then use the pills or sell them for top dollar on the black market.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Marchman Act Blog: UM Study Says Energy Drinks Pose Serious Risk to Kids

Energy drinks not only may make your kid hyper, but it turns out they might also make them seriously unhealthy.
A study issued Monday from the University of Miami School of Medicine says energy drinks could pose a risk for serious adverse health effects in some children, especially those with diabetes, seizures, cardiac abnormalities or mood and behavior disorders.
The study, called "Health Effects of Energy Drinks on Children, Adolescents, and Young Adults," says the energy drinks "have no therapeutic benefit to children, and both the known and unknown properties of the ingredients, combined with reports of toxicity, may put some children at risk for adverse health events." 

Marchman Act Blog Local News:Mayo column: Gov. Rick Scott's push to scrap Florida pill mill drug database is baffling

Mike Mayo

When Gov. Rick Scott says he wants Florida open for business, who knew that he also meant the deadly pill mills that have ruined so many lives?

Scott's move to scrap a prescription narcotic database intended to temper the excesses of South Florida's rogue pain clinics makes no sense.

Unless the governor somehow likes the drug tourism, overdoses and other human wreckage spawned by our pill-friendly culture. Prescription drug abuse is blamed for an estimated seven deaths a day in Florida.Read Full Story...

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Marchman Act Blog Local News:Born addicted: Number of newborns treated for drug withdrawal skyrocketing

"I kept seeing the torture these babies are going through," said Colbert, 59, of Dania Beach. "This one baby, he couldn't even feed. He was screaming, his face was just quivering so badly he couldn't even get his face around the nipple to feed — and I just said I have to do something."
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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Marchman Act Blog Local News: Pain clinic database: Big fight breaks out over pill mill tracking system

Sen. Joe Negron

A major legislative fight is breaking out over Gov. Rick Scott's surprise proposal to kill Florida's planned computer database to combat pill mills.

A longtime opponent of the database, Sen. Joe Negron, R-Hobe Sound, said many Republican lawmakers are lining up against the database project, and he predicted that the Senate and House would agree to scrap it.
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Friday, February 11, 2011

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Marchman Act Blog: Scott irresponsibly wrong on abolishing drug database

Apparently, Gov. Scott's idea of making Florida more business-friendly is to put out a welcome mat for pill-pushing drug dealers.

As part of his budget, the governor - astonishingly and irresponsibly - has proposed repealing the state's Prescription Drug Monitoring Program. Law-enforcement officials believe that the program will be Florida's most effective tool in their fight to stop prescription drug trafficking. Gov. Scott believes that the database is government overreach. The governor clearly is in the wrong business. Read Full Story...

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Marchman Act Blog Local News:Grow house: Palm Beach County Sheriff's deputies find Lake Worth warehouse filled with marijuana

A warehouse containing more than 1,000 marijuana plants was discovered by Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office deputies on Tuesday.

The plants were discovered about noon after deputies searched a building in the 600 block of North G Street, said Sheriff's Office spokesman Deputy Eric Davis. A total of 1,256 plants were discovered.
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Marchman Act Blog Local News: Plantation man found with drugs in car in Keys, deputies say

A Broward County man pulled over for a traffic stop in the Florida Keys was arrested on a misdemeanor drug charge after deputies found marijuana and hallucinogenic mushrooms in his car, according to a news release from the Monroe County Sheriff's Office.
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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Marchman Act Blog: LA County Wants You To Take Ecstasy Safely

LOS ANGELES (CBS) —The glow-stick industry may be buzzing over the latest public service announcement from Los Angeles County, but some say it amounts to an backhanded endorsement of illicit drug use.

Amid ongoing debate over safety and security measures at rave dance parties held at the Los Angeles Coliseum, county health officials have quietly launched a campaign to offer guidelines for safe use of MDMA, more popularly known as “ecstasy”.
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Monday, February 7, 2011

Marchman Act Blog: Pharmacies Besieged by Addicted Thieves

“I want people to know before they even get in the door that we don’t have it,” Mr. Hibbard said of OxyContin, which the authorities say is the most common target of pharmacy robberies here. “Outside hiring an armed guard to be in here 24/7, I don’t know what else to do.”
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Friday, February 4, 2011

Marchman Act Blog: Bullying Linked to Depression and Substance Use in Girls

Although being a victim of bullying increases teen depression regardless of gender, a new study found it puts girls at additional risk for substance use, Science Daily reported on Jan. 19.

Investigators led by Jeremy Luk, a Ph.D. candidate in child psychology at the University of Washington in Seattle, examined cross-sectional data from the 2005/2006 Health Behaviors in School-Aged Children (HBSC) survey, a questionnaire given to students in grades 6 through 10 to assess health and well-being in a social context. Roughly 1,500 U.S. students participated in the survey.
Bullying - Read Full Story...

Marchman Act Blog: Drug gang gunman kills newspaper employee in Mexican border city of Ciudad Juarez

MEXICO CITY (AP) — Federal police say a gunman working for a drug gang has shot to death a woman who distributed newspapers in the northern Mexican border city of Ciudad Juarez.

The authorities say the gang's leaders saw her as a threat to their control over street vendors.

Victim Maribel Hernandez distributed the Diario de Juarez and PM newspapers. Police say that La Linea gang thought she was discriminating against newspaper vendors who paid protection money to the organization.

In a statement issued Tuesday, the police say they have detained a suspect who told them he was paid 3,000 pesos ($250) to kill the woman.

Marchman Act Blog: Florida attorney general turns up the attack on 'pill mills'

TALLAHASSEE –- Ratcheting up the state's two-year attack against the pill-mill industry, Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi on Thursday announced her intentions to zero in on doctors who improperly dole out painkillers by slapping them with automatic suspensions or arrests.

"Our state has become the destination for distributors and abusers, and we have to stop it," Bondi said at a news conference in the state Capitol. "We are the epicenter for the country in prescription drug abuse."
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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Marchman Act Blog: Drug gang kills newspaper employee in Mexican border city of Ciudad Juarez

MEXICO CITY (AP) — Federal police say a gunman working for a drug gang has shot to death a woman who distributed newspapers in the northern Mexican border city of Ciudad Juarez. The authorities say the gang's leaders saw her as a threat to their control over street vendors. Victim Maribel Hernandez distributed the Diario de Juarez and PM newspapers. Police say that La Linea gang thought she was discriminating against newspaper vendors who paid protection money to the organization. In a statement issued Tuesday, the police say they have detained a suspect who told them he was paid 3,000 pesos ($250) to kill the woman.

Marchman Act Blog Local News: Fort Lauderdale to extend ban on new pain management clinics


With state regulations on the abuse of prescription medicine in a holding pattern, the city is extending its ban on new pain management clinics for another six months.

City commissioners imposed the moratorium a year ago as part of the fight to stop the illicit flow of narcotic pills from rogue pain clinics that are sometimes referred to as pill mills. The city hoped the ban would be a stopgap until the Legislature acted, but officials have been mortified by delays in Tallahassee.

Commissioners on Tuesday gave tentative approval to extend their ban. The final vote comes in two weeks.
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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Marchman Act Blog Local News: Davie woman victimized by relatives seeking to buy drugs, authorities say


A Davie woman was almost conned out of $425 by her daughter and son-in-law, who wanted the money to buy drugs, according to authorities. Gordon Novak, 47, and Wendy Sue Novak, 46, also of Davie, appeared in bond court Monday on charges of grand theft and exploitation of the elderly. They fabricated a hostage situation in an attempt to extract money from Betty Hewitt, 76, Wendy Sue Novak's mother, the Broward Sheriff's Office said.
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Marchman Act Blog Video: Drug-seeking patient

Fort Pierce pill arrest: Woman accused of giving teen pills to sell at school


A 37-year-old woman accused of giving prescription pills to a 16-year-old girl was held Monday in the St. Lucie County jail, according to an arrest affidavit and a jail official.

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