Thursday, March 8, 2012

A&E Intervention - Season 12 Episode 10 "Courtney" - Interventionist Donna Chavous Behavior was Outrageous!!!

I just watched this episode and was livid as I watched Donna Chavous advise Courtney's family about the Florida Marchman Act. She was 100% incorrect on everything she stated about the Florida Marchman Act. This episode is nothing more than a blueprint of what "NOT" to do in a Florida Marchman Act case.

Courtney's family should have been furious at her handling of this failed intervention. I am shocked a supposed "professional" would act in such a reckless fashion. She did a disservice to Courtney, to Courtney's family as-well-as A&E's national audience. Furthermore, professionally speaking, Donna Chavous behavior was both outrageous and irresponsible in this episode. An interventionist should never use empty threats of jail, cursing and/or petty manipulation to aid someone in need of crisis services. More so, by allowing Courtney's friend to chase that poor girl down and put herself in danger in the final scene by hanging off the passenger door of a moving vehicle driven by a known user - indefensible!

I find myself asking: What has A&E Intervention become? Is it now just another Reality TV show exploiting people for shock value and advertising dollars? Terrible...just terrible! Donna Chavous should be ashamed and know better. That was a critically sick girl in crisis. I have actually trained interventionists for her employer "Intervention 911" (obviously, not her specifically) and I respect their work. However, in the case of Donna Chavous - she should have known better. I apologize for this rant, but I am so upset by this lack of professionalism that I can barely think straight. I would love to hear your comments, if you found the show objectionable as well.


Anonymous said...

Agreed indeed, she sucks.

Anonymous said...

I thought the same exact thing. Her behavior honestly could have endangered that girl's chances of recovery. Yelling "I'm about to shut down all your little tricks" at her in the middle of the street? I see this behavior in the streets of Chicago all the time, I don't expect to see it from so called professionals on this show.