Saturday, March 31, 2012

UPDATE: A&E Intervention: Addicts Are Not "Hollywood Fodder" for "Ratings and Revenue"

I was in trial over the previous 6 days but have returned refreshed and ready to focus fully on potentially serious issues and concerns with A&E Intervention; and, specifically, Donna Chavous of Intervention911. These are issues that the recovery community needs to examine and should not dismiss cavalierly. In fact, these are concerns of such a nature that I am committed to continue to investigate until I am convinced that A&E and its affiliates; specifically, A&E Intervention are held to the strictest ethical standards relating to the care and handling of both addicts they portray and the families who love them. I will continue to call on Executive Producers Robert Sharenow, Colleen Conway and Dan Partland (who I have emailed personally without response) to demonstrate publicly that the show adheres to such purported standards and establishes safeguards and oversight to keep this type of exploitation of an addict from ever happening again. Professional "character" Donna Chavous needs to be held accountable for her dangerous and unethical conduct on Season 12 Episode 10 by her accrediting and licensing board. Serious audience concerns over the A&E Intervention apparent decision to rank "ratings and revenue" over the "safety and the well-being" of addicts and their families needs to be addressed publicly. Donna Chavous of Intervention911 needs to be pulled from all A&E Intervention current and future episodes.  More so, Donna Chavous untruthful contentions about the Florida Marchman Act need to be addressed as publicly as they were misrepresented on March 05, 2012.

Unfortunately, concerns, previously expressed in:

"Will Emmy Award Winning "A&E Intervention" Condone Unethical Interventions?"

...are confirmed.

For no other reason that curiosity and confirmation: link below to see not only where my original post expressing "outrage" over Donna Chavous grave misconduct was "sanitized" from A&E Intervention's public website discussion board, but now (for the second time in the matter of days since first commenting on the matter) additional audience member posts and comments about Donna Chavous (listed below) have also been silenced.  Adios:

For those unaware of recent revelations and behind the scenes insight into Emmey Award winning A&E Intervention: Season 12 - Episode 10. The following is provided to shed light on the dangerous intervention and unethical conduct by Donna Chavous of Intervention911 that is currently being condoned by A&E.


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