Thursday, March 29, 2012

REPOST: Will Emmy Award Winning "A&E Intervention" Condone Unethical Interventions?

Donna Chavous is listed on the A&E Intervention website as a Board Registered Interventionist (Level) II. Our investigation shows that every Board Registered Interventionist (Level) II is actually Certified by the Association of Intervention Specialist Certification Board or AISCB. The Association of Intervention Specialist Certification Board (AISCB) is a non-profit credentialing organization for certifying interventionists. As part of that certification, AISCB members are stated to be held to ongoing standards of professionalism and a purportedly strict Code of Ethics as board registered interventionists. To date, AISCB board chair, Rebecca Flood, has not responded to our invitation to discuss, or, comment on Donna Chavous apparent violations of AISCB "professional and ethical standards of conduct."

Although A&E Intervention has responded to our initial public outrage toward the behavior Donna Chavous of Intervention911, they have not responded to our request to be informed about how they planned to remedy her ethical concerns. If you recall, Donna Chavous held an on-air, per-intervention session with an addicts family members on A&E Intervention's Season 12 opener (Episode 10) "Courtney".  I would encourage everyone to watch this episode and then read the full full story by linking below, which includes A&E's acknowledgement that an investigation will be initiated re: Donna Chavous' conduct and a professional review of the current allegations against her.  

Donna Chavous current code of ethics under AISCB guidelines and be found at AISCB Code of Ethics.

The question now: Will Emmy Award Winning "A&E Intervention" Condone Unethical Interventions? Or, will they actually act and do what is right? Were their letters to our office genuine, or, mere fluff and appeasement? As a seasoned trial attorney, I remain skeptical. I can only go on what I know of human nature when money is on the line.  That said, I am fairly certain that my greatest concerns have been realize. Since, my last correspondence with A&E Intervention on 03/12/12, requesting to be updated on steps that will be taken to address concerns about Donna Chavous conduct (as mentioned above): My "Inbox" remains empty.  More telling, however, is the fact that any and all trace of my original written concern about Donna Chavous' outrageous behavior have been removed (or, more properly put "sanitized") from A&E Intervention's public discussion board. Corporate censorship by A&E, perhaps? You be the judge. Regardless, for my part, I am not the kind of person to sit silent, when I see reckless and dangerous behavior by supposed professionals condoned.  Especially so, if these "professionals" appear to simply be useful "characters" who are allowed free-reign to create controversy and exciting television, which ultimately ends up lining the pockets of corporate execs and bringing fame (and, yes, more gobs of money) to television producers at the expense of a dying addicts and traumatized families.

Pray I'm wrong.
Stay tuned.....

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