Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ban A&E Intervention

The following comment was submitted by a treatment provider in the UK, who had never heard of 'A&E Intervention'. Her reaction and perspective on this issues is thought provoking and may be something licensed professionals need to examine and debate as future ethical considerations for their fields of practice. Should licensed professionals ban involvement of clinical practice in 'entertainment' formats. More so, should the treatment and recovery community call on a boycott of products and services that advertise with A&E until Intervention is removed from the air.

This writer say "yes"...

  1. We don't get that programme, or any even approaching it in the exploitation ranks, in the UK, but it seems that the addicts get a chance to go through rehab if they get filmed? i assume that they are all consenting adults, but here in the UK it does not count as consent if the person is under the influence of drugs, sex would be rape, marriage would be invalid, and to film a person for entertainment would be exploitation. the places i have worked have had a blanket policy of no contact between the media and our clients, and as workers we are only allowed to be interviewed or filmed under very specific circumstances, it's hard to believe that in the modern world that anyone would think that programme is ok.


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