Thursday, May 24, 2012

Why Are People joining "Justice 4 Courtney" at Q: Why Aren’t You?

Why People Are Signing
  • i've always been disturbed on lots of levels w/those shows (that one in particular)
  • Addiction Recovery NOT Addiction Entertainment!
  • Mother of two addicts!
  • I am not supporter of this programming. We use the ill and the vulnerable as a something akin to a sideshow in a circus. Their misery and desperation become entertainment for whomever tunes in. The family members of the addicted are paraded about, in all their pain, for enjoyment obtained by viewers. Often, these family members are children.
  • I am signing,beacause i am a recovering Addict and have seen how easy it can be to deceive someone that is desperate to get out of a lifestyle that has heald you captive for most of your adult life.
  • As a recovering addict who have been through court intervention, which by the way was never a threatening, manipulating, or uninformed process, and a recently graduated chemical dependency counselor I am appalled that A & E, let alone any professional would use such deplorable tactics for what seems to be ratings sake. I am signing so that this type of programming is seen as unethical, dangerous, and potentially deadly to the person supposedly being helped.
  • I have a mental illness and work with peers on recovery and fighting stigma. We are traumatized enough with out the help of a network using trauma, lying to the person,saying they will provide the care needed for recovery, all for the sake of ratings. I have never watched the show and most certainly never will

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